Numbers can be fun

Having a handful of girlfriends may be a good way to pick out the best, but when a new one comes into pay, it's those relationships that may keep me from the one I want most.

That, and the latest seemed to have a few qualities of girls of my past rolled into one big batch of cookie dough. Don't get me wrong: cookie dough is good. Cookies are better. Together with a tall glass of memories is the best snack.

A Katrina victim, neither the accepting victim nor the looter, is a good idea for a Halloween costume. There's too much pain.

A young, erratic mother, perhaps in her teens, always looking for her baby at the party, is funny, but a cross-dressing commitment.

The tweaker, a twenties something meth addict, is a play off of the classic hobo costume.

Maury Povitch, has two shows: DNA testing and lie detecting. I'm still trying to figure out which is more accurate.

After lettered names in the six Hurricane lists comes Greek letters. Beta's a bust.

I'm awkwardly successful.

All we do in bed is lie.


Jed said...

There's power in numbers. There is also fuzzy math. A friend once told me that statistics was her favorite class. "creative math" she called it. At any rate, you have some good points, some bad points. I'm the one that got it figured out.

Hope you're enjoying that city you've found yourself to live in on this spooky night.


Crazy sheep running said...

Nice post. Funny. Appreciate the effort. Observations:
1. My guess is that you decided to be Cartman. Sadly, no one in Portland understands the humor in South Park.

2. After debating it online with his D&D buddies all year, Jedi decided to be Hans Solo. Was the perfect costume for an intergalactic warrior

3. The sheep went as fifty cent this year.

Jed said...

Cartman has more observations:

Sheep is not a real fan of carsonation. Sheep only comes here to see what "Jedi" has posted. If that is the case, l would direct you to my very own blog, were it not for my shear lack of initiative to update the damn thing. I post here. It is easier. But I'll keep you in the loop.

I can say you are not a true fan of Carsonation because you forgot to wish this fine young gentleman, host of this wonderful forum, a happy birthday. What kind of insensetive barn animal are you, anyway. In the battle between 50 and Kanye, the only loser is you and your pathetic attempts at sarcasm. And before you go knocking D&D, try rolling the dice and buying yourself that coat of armor, put it on, then go take a swim in a deep pond.

Oh, and one more thing...

I work at my desk. What's your excuse?