Sorry, sirs

Maybe now I can go on...

The days are numbered. Soon I'll moving past the quarter century mark into my 26th year on this planet that I'm on, and supposedly on to try to make better. Hard to imagine making this a place better at the rate of destruction taking place. For what could I possibly do? When I leave this God-for-saken Earth it is next-to impossible to imagine that it will be better off than it was in 1979. It'll get worse before it gets better. More people will suffer. Polar caps will all be gone. People will die not knowing me. For how could they? I'm but one man, of over six billion. With one voice and a limited vocabulary.

Which brings me to a trivia question: Is it possible that more people are living than have ever died?

I'll read up on that one. I'll try and make my head a better place than when I found it just some time ago. More imaginative. Organized. Clear and focused. And calm.

Am I being selfish or acting lonely? It's no longer a question about what I can do for others. For how could I help out others if I'm in clear need of resolution?

I close my eyes, and my geographic education helps display a mental map. Outlines of states emerge, lines, indicating roads, wind, and shadows show relief, and I'm left wondering if this is where I'm supposed to be. I struggle and pick up a pen. I attempt a skyline. City: where I should be. Fine, I'm in one. There's a new message in my inbox, an e-mail for a job, perhaps. A buzz on my cell phone comes from a girl I hardly know. Is this where I'm supposed to be? To early to tell...

It'll get warmer before it gets colder.


Jed said...

Well, considering modern medicine has extended human life expectancy by something like 150% over the last 100 years, I'd say that we are well on our way to having our current population exceed the cumulative population of the past. Doubtful that we have passed it presently, but stay tuned!

As per your postings, I breathed a sigh of relief to see you had not given up on all your loyal readers. Thank you sir!

Thank you from the land where it is now getting colder before it gets warmer.

Crazy sheep running said...

You are characteristic of your generation. Too focused on the forest to see the trees, too self-involved to get involved. My advice:

1. Consider joining the military. Its an easy way to help out - someone will train you and put you in a position to help our country and, ultimately, the world

2. Consider volunteering in your community - I bet there are people in Portland who read (let alone know) many fewer words than you. I know that helping others gain literacy will benefit them greatly

3. What if you got on a plane and went to New Orleans? I was in Baton Rouge this week and the airport was filled with 25-30 year old volunteers giving of themselves to others in the deep south. My money says you might even meet a civic-minded women or two to share your passion for helping those that suffer

4. As a last resort, buy a 5th of JD and validate me, for I have told you for weeks that an American whiskey will fill your heart...

5. Stop listening to the trekkie. Anyone who names themself Jedi is obviously troubled.

Jed said...

Unless they added it to the dictionary this year, "themself" is not a word. At least not one I'd ever use. But whatever.

Crazy sheep running said...

Typical geek response. Further evidence that Jedi is a trekkie. What's next Jedi? Are you going to act like the star wars kid (don't tell me you don't know who he is) and swing your imaginary sword?