I am Miguel Tejada,
brought to San Francisco to help an organization.

Some moves had to be made for us to get back on track,

He was given an opportunity.
Did it turn out the way we wanted to in the end?
Obviously not.
But it's time for both parties to move on.

I just thank them for the opportunity.

We didn't know who, or when it was coming.
At some point something had to be done.

It just did not happen.

I am Miguel Tejada,
designated for assignment.


I wish things would have turned out differently.
I wish things would have gone better.
I think it's probably the right move for both parties...

I think we knew eventually it was coming.
This team needed some changes.

I'm not going out here taking parting shots,
And wish each and every one of them the best.

We felt this was the right time to set them free.
We appreciate their efforts.

I am Aaron Rowand,
designated for assignment.

Direct quotes made by SF Giants taken from ESPN.com and SFGate.com coverage.