"Killer wants to go to college"

I think it's a personality thing. Or maybe it's something with authority. I can't follow lists. Numbers next to words kind of confuse me. The last think I need is someone telling me to drink whiskey. Sorry to my loyal reader.

I used to be about the fame. Then it was helping people out. Later, I did it because I was hungry. Now that I'm broke, I'll do it for the money. There's no glory in this. But as The Donald has taught me: money is the only way to judge yourself against others. Right now there is no comparing me.

No military.

No volunteering.

No money for the booze.

I've got to learn to float before I can swim.

Little ambition. Even less confidence. I'm going to go to the only place that people can take refuge from the storm of life. Sure, New Orleans seems like a great idea, maybe do some time with Peace Corps. But no, Killer wants to go to college.

I'm too old.

I'm too tired.

I'm too fucking blind.

Clearly the Hamm's has gotten to me. I'm acting stupid and have to take a cheap-beer crap. Better print out my spam to wipe with.

Check back...


Jed said...

You just want to go back to school so you can live in the dorms and hit on dorm chicks again.

You misspelled "authority".

And sheep, I may be a geek or trekkie, but it beats being the offspring of a barn animal.

"I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I will"
--Aesop Rock

Crazy sheep running said...

Jedi -
1. You did it to me on "themself" and now on Carsonation with "authority." No offense, but your making my point for me with the anal spellcheck routine

2. If you aren't to busy editing High Times, try researching "Crazy sheep running." You'll see that it is among the most revered names for a sioux warrior

3. Do you drink Jack? Its sweet. Try a shot with your next beer - you won't be sorry

4. You are correct about Carsonation wanting to hit on dorm chicks. No doubt about it.

5. Carsonation's aversion to authority and inability to follow short instruction lists may (I'm going to go out on a limb here) have some relation to his current economic outlook. College will not fix this

CSR out

Jed said...

Real men drink Knob Creek, Sheep. And by the way, I Googled you and you're nuthin' but a whacked out DNA experiment.

---Talkin' more shit than a septic truck driver at a dairy farm, beeotch!