Wait on the waiting list

Patients been here since this morning I dismiss.

Make it to the bus stop in time, but wait for the bus that's late to make it to the bus stop, and suddenly you are short for time or behind time.

After waiting for the receptionist to process your new insurance information, you'll walk up to the third floor of the clinic five minutes late to your doctor's appointment today, say, at 9:50 for a 9:45, and you'll be told to wait until noon--over two hours.

Your face says, 'It hurts to sit.'

'Well, you have miss over half of your appointment,' you could be told because you will only be getting ten minutes of this particular doctor's time--'He's prompt.'

But don't wait two hours, though, especially if you've waited ten days or so to see a doctor because you thought your condition--this pain--would have gone away by now--it has in the past. Ask to see an urgent care physician. Urgent care is on the floor below, and you've been there before.

Wait for the receptionist to change what needs to be changed, and then wait again on the second floor, and you should be in front of a professional in no time. They'll take vitals. Tell them what's wrong as you've told yourself and those around you the last ten days or so. Make sure to describe where the pain is, how long it lasts, and what causes it. Make sure to tell the truth about the things you fear most. Wait again and listen carefully to what the doctor says. Try not to cross your arms. Nod your head if necessary and say you understand that the narcotics being prescribed aren't going to cure you of said pain but will relieve it. Sort of.

After leaving the clinic, take the prescription that the doctor gives you to the first pharmacy you see, say, at the Safeway, and wait again in line and then the twenty minutes the pharmacist says it will take to fill your prescription, and then an additional ten minutes or so until the bottle is in your hand, until those white pills are in your palm, and until they take affect on mentioned pain.


Wait eight more days for a follow up visit with the doctor you were originally scheduled to see. Your appointment will be at the same time, 9:45, just on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Get there early. Wait for the bus. Then, wait again on the waiting list until you can see the doctor, and until you are dismissed.