And, three days off

I'm off...

After working 11 of the past 12 days, I'm ready to take a little time off. Three days. Not nearly long enough to go anywhere, but just long enough to get into some trouble. We'll see what happens...

Not enough readers. Getting tired of spamers. Thinking about giving it up. It's something I've done in the past and something I'm not afraid to do again. It's the way out.

They say everyone has a myspace. Not sure what that is all about and not sure if this is considered myspace or just my space to play in. Can't really say that my space is better than this myspace, but think I might be able to get more readers there. Maybe the wrong ones, maybe more, maybe the same amount. I still don't know. I guess I won't sell out to it. Seems like the trendy thing to do. And if it's cool to go there, I won't. Just like if it's cool to not go to Starbucks, then I will go to Starbucks and order my grande half double decafinated half-caf. And if you don't like it, you can add an extra shot of goo in your hair. And believe me, the hair is the last place you want that stuff.

Did I mention I'm a friendster?


Portland: oddly a fun place to be in all it's grayness. Lots of attractive dirty whores walking around, ready to suck the cock of your boss, have a threesome with your co-workers, screw with your mind. In all my time here -- it's been almost a year -- I've never heard of such crazy shit.

Man walks into a job interview. Boss says: Hey, how do you feel about relationships at the work place. Man says to Boss: Eeek, Sir. I don't think it's such a good idea. Boss makes a funny face and man looks underneath the table. There's a woman done there, not unlike the dirty whore as described above. Woman has her mouth full, but looks up at the Man, then looks at the boss. Then goes back to work sucking the cock of the Boss. Boss tells the Man that they'll be making their decision and will keep him informed. Boss doesn't get up when Man leaves the room. Why would he?

I should have known better.


Anonymous said...
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Crazy sheep running said...

1. The spam is getting annoying. Please make it stop

2. I really like your friendly barista. She is funny and straightforward. She is officially off limits and I will never ask for her pictures again

3. A description of the tattoo would be nice when she gets it. No back tatts please - they are not for you

4. I'm not certain about what you were driving at with this post. We know you weren't actually at a job interview and that the story is contrived, so its possible you have some serious unresolved issues. Maybe with that Kim from your dream.

5. You ignored my JD advice from a couple of weeks ago. Not cool

Crazy sheep running said...

Making me sign up for this thing is also annoying

Jed said...

Yeah, it took me all of a year to remember my login name and friggin password. Spammers will rot in hell.

As per this post, I must say sometimes it is best to leave the reader with a little for their imagination. You reveal all, and leave nothing for us to figure out. Perhaps I shall check out ##100% free fetish porn## as your first anonymous poster suggests.

And now I will pull a Scooter Libby. For all y'all out there, "Big Brother" is I. Now show yourselves you Weapons of Mass Destruction!

Jed said...

Oh and by the way, for all you "myspace"-ers out there, welcome to Rupert Murdoch's evil empire. You are officially cogs in the same machine as Bill O'Lielly.

Have goot mosh pitting.

Crazy sheep running said...

I agree with everything that Jedi guy says even though he is a trekkie or something

Crazy sheep running said...

Listen to the trekkie. He is wise