This is their story,
The story of a man and a woman, 
two young lovers who meet in school 
and date two years. 

This is their story, 
a young couple 
who graduates together, 
sleep together, 
weep together, and
takes a trip together.

This is their story, 
it's about relationship
and place. 

This is their story, 
it flashes backward and forward, 
to time spent 
and time to come.

Thirty days in memories

This is their story, 
it takes place in a Mercury Cougar,
a V8 automobile.   

This their story, 
it takes place in the western states,
starting in New Mexico (they wouldn’t stop until they were out of New Mexico) 
and at the Grand Canyon. 
This is their story
with stops along the way at Lake Powell,
The Utah Narrows.

This is their story, 
it takes place in a tent 
on campgrounds, 
in a cheap motels, 
friends' apartments, and
pullout couches.

This is their story, 
it takes place in hotel room in Las Vegas on Fourth of July 
where they consider their Independence. 

This is their story, 
it not the dog’s story,
she was left at home. 

This is their story,
it takes them to Yosemittee, 
The Redwoods. 
Then up to Eugene, 
where they discuss graduate school. 

Who would go? 
And where? 
What about the other? 
What is the definition of Compromise?

This is their story, 
it's about two people know each other 
spend so much time together
to see if it's meant to last 
any longer than that.
This is their story
it stops in Portland, 
just for a night: 
For Roses and spaghetti. 

Things seemed pretty good between the two of them at this point.

This is the break in their story.
New characters are introduced, 
friends are visited. 
his brother flies in.

This is their story, 
He leaves but comes back.
they reunite 
and head to Seattle.
She likes Seattle,
talks of moving there, 
he says he's not into it.

This is their story, 
sights are seen 
and borders crossed. 

This is their story, 
eleven states are covered, 
a province in Canada makes an appearance. 

This is their story, 
it makes its descent,
back to New Mexico, 
they stop along the way 
in Missoula,
the Tetons, 
and finally in Denver.