She asked if I wanted to go out for dinner. She'd owed me a dinner because of the silly bet we made. We bet on the name of the guy who lives with her friend and her friend's husband. I was 99 percent sure of his name. I met him at their wedding. She wasn't sure that I was right. She thought it was someone else entirely. I told her to text her friend. I said let's bet dinner. She agreed because she likes to eat dinner and it didn't really matter to her if she won or I won. But I knew I was right and I like being right. And I like choosing where to eat dinner. When she asked if I wanted to go, I already had a place in mind that I had heard about. I even looked at the menu online and knew I wanted to order beef ribs. At the restaurant, we were talking about the difference between beef and pork ribs. She prefers pork ribs. I was convinced beef was better for this meal. The waitress came, looked at me, and asked if we were ready to order. I didn't hesitate. I ordered the beef ribs, then looked across the table. She said pork ribs but wasn't sure on her second side. I suggested one, but she shook it off like a baseball pitcher, then ordered something different. We sat for a moment before I stood to wash up. She said, "Next time, when the waitress asks if we are ready to order, at least look at me." I considered this. I'm still learning to live as two. When we were done eating, our tab came separated by item. She handed the waitress her card. When the waitress returned to our table she tried handing me the bill to sign. I shook my head and pointed across the table. The waitress said, "I didn't read the name. I always just assume it's the man who pays."