birthday eve.

I was wrong when I said it's never too late.

I was a fool when I said to myself, I'm too tired. I was right when I said you're hard to replace. And you were right to say that it was wrong to think of it that way. We were both right, I guess. Sometimes were were wrong. And maybe we were both right and both wrong and maybe even both at the same time.

It's fine for me if you'd rather not speak. I'd understand. It could very well be the best thing to happen. I'd be lying if I said that I want it this way. I never did. You'd know I was telling you the truth if I said it to you directly. You know when I'm being honest. It's possible that I've mades some sense in my saying. That if it's made sense to you, too, then it's a fact that I'm still here, and growing older, 26 years tomorrow.


Jed said...

Response in 'ku

Eat some birthday cake
Forget about past love, 'cause
you can not have both

Seriously bro, hope you have a wonderful birthday. You have a sharp mind with a keen knack for detail. I am very proud of you for the inspiring ideas you have. I look forward to your postings and laughing

all the way

off my


Next time you get one 'dem possum, cook 'em up with a little butter. 'Dems good eatin'!

Crazy sheep running said...

Jedi does not appreciate the depth of Sheep's fascination with carsonation. I shouldn't be surprised that you do actually play D&D. I guess its less intimidating than talking to girls, eh Jedi?

Happy birthday Carsonation. Stop being stubborn and treat yourself to that shot of JD.