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Nice work all you for using my blog comment space to talk shit about each other and me. I remember when I created this mess that that was indeed my intention. Run with it, sheep. Lists of for housewives running off to the store to buy me fixings to feast on. Find it in your heart to fuck yourself.

We all have a little more to learn. That's why I'm going back to school. And, yes, to look at some females. Hey, you would too if you weren't tied up in the bed of some truck. Go clone yourself.

For a good time check out:


...a new blog favorite of mine.

More stories when the shit talking stops.


Crazy sheep running said...

Jedi is tied up in a truck?

Jed said...

Hopeless, Sheep. You are utterly hopeless. The only time this Jedi rides in the trunk is to sneak into the drive-in theatre, of which there are virtually none these days. I suggest you go back to grazing on your bah-bah-backstreet and fix me up with a double shot of Makers Mark on the rocks.

Rastaman live up!
Congoman don't give up!


losing my caffeine high said...

Look forward to the next entry, winner.

Jed said...

Congressman Richard Pombo’s bill to open ANWR will raise $5 billion for the federal government over five years—a mere drop in the bucket considering the cost of tapping into pristine wilderness, not to mention it will be blown in the matter of 28 days in Iraq. Regardless of whether it can be done safely and cleanly, drilling and taking from ANWR is irresponsible until we come up with an energy policy that mandates increased fuel efficiency standards. ANWR has become so politicized that we have forgotten what the real issue is: our consumption.

Now the hard part: If you agree with the above stated, get off your ass and write a letter to your congressman/woman, senator, governor and local newspaper. Quit bitching to your friends about the yellow ribbons We live in a democracy. Let's seize it back. Silence is complacency, people.

...and please tip your waitresses and bartenders.

Thank you, folks. I'm here all week!

Crazy sheep running said...

Jedi -
1. Truck, not trunk
2. Makers Mark is excellent, but JD shoots better
3. Whats with you and the eco-commentary...oh yeah, the politically impotent write trekkie missives on the internet as a way to cope
4. We've accomplished incredible things in Iraq. You dont understand because you are a spectator and not a participator. The military welcomes girls these days Trekkonator, why don't you sign up?

Jed said...

Trucks don't have trunks, you ungulate. Go scratch your gland.

Crazy sheep running said...

Jedi bought a dictionary. Sweet

The Administrator said...
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The Administrator said...

Thanks for the props on social-intercourse.

There is a purple toxin in the air,

but thats neither here nor there....

soylent green and yellow keep me alive,

the machines turns, a robots life....