What's the what?

I have a question, but don't answer. First this:

The only piece of advice that I'm certified to give is, when you're high on life, living the dream, doing good, on-fire, on whatever, I beg of you, if your phone rings, and it shouldn't, it shouldn't be here, -- this place triumphant, you shouldn't have brought it or you should have turned it off, you should have broken it when this happened last Tuesday, don't get it now; it rings, oh, it fucking rings, you've made sure it rings, -- not too quiet, but so you can hear it -- it's been in pocket, out of pocket, left in car, it's always on the same ring: Medium Low; you've missed a call, but then you think, and you check it, and you check the time, "No one called at 12:48. Check," when was the last call? Check Missed Calls...Fuck...This isn't worth it.

So. How many times are you in this Mecca? When else are you resting on this pillow? Think, man. This could be it. Don't answer it. Hit END before there's a beginning. We shouldn't do the phone thing. Not like this. It's too much worry. Socialize with the environment that you're in or nothing. Break rules, don't check in. Call later. No one is growing here. It's out there, and it's not good.

It wasn't you alone. Sure, you helped, you didn't always call, you thought about it, but you didn't always do it. And that's cool, your for the cause: 'Less minutes call time, more minutes face time.'

This is Understanding, and this is why? we know who? now is when? or then; and, here's where?

But what's the what?

What's the what?

And we've got it all.

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