In with the knew

If I had known now what I knew then I still don't think things would be that different. But at the same time, I think I knew all along. Does that make it wrong? I think it does.

Tabitha came to get her whiskey last night. And I asked her if she wanted to say anything to me. She did but couldn't. She needed the whiskey to do so. So she wrote me a letter.

I could tell she was drunk, the letter said so. She also poured it out and made me realize that I needed to have a converstion with her. Explain a little more. There was a lot that she didn't know. I wanted to tell her. Wanted to be honest.

And I was.

Friends change. I liked her, but knew all along that we wouldn't end up together; I still like her and know we never will. It's my issue:

If I knew then that this would happen, would I do the same. I would. I had fun. We had fun. Yet, we're able to stay friendly. There's something wrong with it, but not for me.

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