a letter

Hey, you,

I have this issue. I have many issues. One in particular -- of my issues -- I find painfully important to share. So please, let me.

I like a lot. Probably too much. Then sometimes, I don't like anything in front of me. Like, for instance, sometimes I crave your affection. Other times, I'd just assume be by myself. When, at times I like your feedback, there are times when I won't call you for days. I'll take your calls most of the time, think of calling you, but I won't make the call when I think to. Because I've got this issue, we'll never be as close as we should be.

I hide myself out of reach, but would love for you to come find me; I don't want you to depend on me, but I'll depend on you. I need more sleep, but I'd sleep with you even if that meant less. I like talking to you even if it seems like I'm just listening. I continue the conversation after we've said goodbye. I'll share more with the imaginary you. You won't like this, but it turns out to be true.

I'll see you again because I can. I thnk if we try we can at least have the minimum. But, to be honest, we'll never have it all. I'm a terrible guy who has an issue: I like you. But I like a lot. Love to like, so we'll see....

And, guess what?
It's me

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