Parts of me

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”
-- George Harrison

Part of me likes who I am; part could change for the better.
Part of me likes it here; part of me never left.
Part of me wants to be alone; part of me wants someone to love.
Part wants to be loved; part doesn’t want to share my secrets.

Part of me is liberal; part is conservative.

Part of me is sober; part of me still drunk.
Part of me reads too much into things; part is surprised too often.
Part is hot; part not.
Part wishes it were all over; part is happy to begin a new day.

Part of me is grateful; part is bitter.

Part of me should forgive; part should forget.
Part of me is peaceful; part wages war.
Part of me knows where I am; part wishes I had a map.
Part wants more; part has had enough.

Part of me will remember; part of me should write more down.

Part of me is tired; part of me can’t sleep.
Part of me has read this somewhere before; part can’t remember where.
Part of me is creative; part steals others ideas.
Part likes my hair; part thinks I need a haircut.

Part of me can't leave; part knows nothing's tying me down.

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