Falling off the wagon

I fell. Fell hard. Off. It hurt. My feelings. Now, I can barely type a sentence without wanting to put a period in the middle, beginning. It's like I just want things to end before they're supposed to.

There's a last day. Then a soccer game. There was a party. Then another. Then a reason. Then an excuse. A cold beer. Then another. Then another. Then... I find myself back where I started. Unable to put an ex over the day on the calendar. All but two days in June covered in exes. Only one day in July gets an ex so far.

I'll practice better habits today. Be good. Be better to myself. Don't drink that, I'll say.

Some sentences start because you have to. Some start because you want to.

all sentences start with a capital letter and end with a period except this


That girl said...

I love you. Be good to yourself.

Kit Carson said...

So anonymous. So refreshing...I don't know who you are (well, for sure). Others will know it's not them. But they'll wonder who. Thanks for the note, though, that Girl. Your warm feelings are felt. I'll tell you what: you're on a list of people I think could love me. I'll scratch some off that list for people I don't think would even write that anonymously. And in the meantime, I'll ponder more points, and post in the near future. And breathe out all the images, feelings, faces and words that are currently weightless in my mind like those on Discovery, hovering over the planet.


Be better, and, Don't eat that.