Ah, see, what else?

Cross Street School: there was no grass around it; it was really bare. Schools at that time did not have any landscaping so to speak. They was sort of boxy type and red brick front and back and sides. And they were sort of common type of architecture. There were two stories to it, and they got most of the grades in that type.

One of the things while we were in Cross Street School, we worked after school. And I worked with a couple other kids from school on the Daily Reporter. Those fellas used to run –- it was a hand folder so to speak –- and, there was several treacherous angles, and which you gotta be careful you didn’t cut your hand on the paper. And it really happened. It was a funny thing, but that was it. So, used to run the folder, fold the papers, and then stack them to different routes that they had. And one that I used run it sometimes. But most of the time I had a route that used to supply the stores in town. I had made a little money then, so I finally bought a bike and put a carrier on it, and delivered it that way. And, of course, having the stores, the competition wasn’t much in a sense that when you delivered five or ten papers or more to a store, you built up a volume. So, they had a contest there, and I won a second or third prize and was able to take my pick of certain prizes, and of course, what did I do? I picked a gun, a Daisy air rifle, which consequently got me into trouble right away cause I started to shoot at a squirrel in a back yard, but it was in somebody else’s backyard. And, that didn’t last too good. That didn’t do me any good either.

So, another time, around Easter time: we had, somebody had given us a pair of Belgian Hares. Rabbits. And nobody said anything about one of the rabbits being pregnant. Finally, one day we built a hutch for it –- a little box and all that. They didn’t go for it because they usually dug out. But this time we got up one day and looked, and there were a bunch of little rabbits in there. Well, we made the mistake of trying to help the mother out by placing them in a certain area close by. But then, see, eventually they all died and it was a sad situation there. But we had no experience in taking care of these animals, so eventually wherever we got them from, I don’t know, they took them back and put them back in the store.