Part 2

I attended the White Plains Grammar School System from nineteen-five to 1919. Then I went from White Plains High, as a freshman, from 1919-1920. Following that, they sent me to Newton Academy, which was a military background, at 1920-1922, then back to White Plains High School in 1922 or1923, where I went out for football, basketball and baseball.

Now, August of 1922, I went to army CMT- Sea Coast Artillery Defense System, which was a 30-day red course. There was a white course and a blue course following, but that was the end of that as far as I was concerned.

July 23rd, in ’23, I attended the New York State Nautical School, which was run on the U.S.S. Newport. And then to graduate October 16, 1924. From there, the first job I had was on the Leviathan, the U.S.S. Leviathan.

November 1924 to May 1925 as an oilier. Where we made five round trips from New York to Sherbet, South Hampton and back. Then I got off the Leviathan because it was so big that I missed the small complete J. Say or operation of a small inter-coastal, which I wanted the American Hawaiian line on the Ion, was on it from May 25 to November 2, 1925. That was the New York City to Seattle round trip, where we went through the Panama Canal.

In December 1925 to March 3, 1926, I worked for the New York Central Railroad in their power plant at Port Morris Bronx. From March 26 to May 29 I was in the Edison Distribution Station System. And from May 1929 to November 1929, Barrot Airways. Then I played in a dance band from November ’29 to July 1930.

October 28, 1930, started in the Metropolitan Life home office engineers division. And I retired October 1969 after 39 years.

During the War, I enlisted in the U.S. army ordnance, December 1942 which was called to active duty March 22, 1943 and was in it ‘til November 11, 1945. I spent about a year overseas in ETO and returned to the Met December 1945 to continue employment there. We were lucky to be able to be taken back by the company when we left.

This was an outline – approximately -- of what happened up to that time. Well, we’ll go into to the details later when I can get together some of the information during the times that we started. That’s all for now.

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