If I quit this...

I can't quit. I'm good at it, sure. I've quit lots of suff. There was gymnastics. There was piano lessons. I quit learning spanish. I gave up on algebra. I quit working at a relationship once. I tried to keep, but ended up quitting a job that paid me pretty well. I quit going to church. I stopped writing for awhile. I quit caring. I quit smoking, then quit quitting. I quit flossing, though I'm starting to think that that would be worth starting up again. I guess you could say, I'm a quiter.

Oh well. Funny word, that quit.

There is quite. Like Donovan says: Quite Right.

There's quiet. I've been quiet for too long -- silent Kit.

There's Quo -- what's your's?

And now I'm no longer making sense. As for carsonation, well it's not quit-tionation. So I think I'll keep posting. Let's be nice to eachother, alright bitches?

Oh, I forgot to mention. Caught Death Cab for Cutie last night. Good show. They play again tonight. I have to worth, though, and I'm afraid they blew their load this first night anyway. I recommend listening to them, or one of Ben's other projects: Postal Service, All Time Quarterback, Post Nasal Drip, etc.

Other music recs include: Wolf Parade, Broken Social Scene, Of Montreal, eels, the new Danger Mouse...

...I quit...for now.

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