I made it to the library. Now what? Haven't checked e-mail in days. Don't like what I see. A lot of spam. I delete without opening. What's next? Must find shelter. Craigslist for house search. Find some. Some only have e-mails. I don't know when I'll return here. Could be a while. I jot down phone numbers, number of bedrooms, locations. I check my blog. I hope folks haven't given up. Some have. Others never will. I must communicate. Must tell a story. So I sit. And I think. And I...must write something -- anything. Put it down. Let them know you're back. You'll be back again soon, not to give up -- I'm alive. And I can't think of anything else. So I look out the window. It looks gray, but that could be the tint. It's getting dark out. I've done what I could. I didn't do shit. I'll try harder next time. It's Friday and I'm awake but barely.


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al-X said...

on a whim, i visited what i thought was your de-funked blog ... and to my great amusement you're back (with a vengeance?) ... you better keep writing dammit, cause you're damn good