cup-a'la-Q's for yous, and a week's Fe-mail

cup-a'la-Q's for yous

We check our voicemail,
Hey, call me; it's primary
e-mail, and friend-mail.

Made it up Marshall,
from Burnside, MLK, and
Hawthorne and 18th

Heidi's life is mine,
I'm her's too, and have a life.
Say double-feature.

I'll give you a bone
can pick it for what you will
I've taken my turn

I'm a boy, really.
Sure as hell ain't the father.
Are you serious?

Water's fine for me.
No, I'm good on whiskey, thanks.
Merlot was enough.

a week's Fe-mail

AUG: I'm whoring myself online still going after a new job.

utmrb: Very excited to say that I am now an employed member of society; Wish you were here to drive me home from celebrating-he he."

AUG: Carson, you are a gem. You are a gem ... against my better judgment to drunk e-mail.

utmrb: I believe he invited himself for two? Let's talk soon-tootaloo

TMB: subject: friendsters no more...

Kari Chisholm, Progressive Happy Hour: Come... bring friends... pass this e-mail along... and remember politicos that drink together stay together!

SusanKeil1: I'm wishing you were here, of course....

SusanKeil1: I don't usually forward messages, but after I wiped my tears, I thought I'd send this along ... It was good to talk with you last night. I hope it is a good week for you.

I Love you all, and good night.

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Blog me once, blog me
twice, Blog me Chicken Noodle
soup with bloggy rice