Blog Taking a Break

List of Reasons my Blog is on Hold

My computer got infected.
Tabitha is taking her desk back.
I starting reading more; writing less.
I am looking for a place to live.
I work too much.
I'm not spending enough time with my dog Heidi.
Can't afford internet access.
Still don't have confidence in my voice.
Not getting enough comments.
I've been making people angry.
I've confused the masses.
Readership is down.
Advertisers bailed.
I'm full of shit anyway.

I need to re-evaluate my priorites.

I'll blog again so help me God.

My biggest fan,


Anonymous said...

If it helps ... I've been reading it religiously since you started. It's funny. It is suppose to be funny ... isn't it? You’ll be missed.

Che said...

Dude, I love your voice.

-t- said...

also a fan...