He will be born on a Saturday.

He will be of average birth weight and length.

He will have a mother and a father, and they will love him.

He will have a brother and they will be close.

He will be lucky.

He will  know his mother’s mother and his mother’s father quite well. And, he will meet his father’s mother, but only know her a little. He won’t know his father’s father at all personally for his father’s father died when his father was in his 20s. And before he was born.

He will be raised in the southwest quadrant of the United States of America. He’ll attend public schools, and make friends and enemies.

He will have approximately seven gerbils, two parakeets, a cockatiel, a ferret, and a hermit crab. He will try tending to tropical fish during those pet years.

He will play sports but will not be too good at them. He will join clubs and quit clubs. 

He will do okay in school without fully applying himself. He will learn about new things but will get bored and distracted. He will run fast but not fast enough. He will not test well in math.

He will learn to drive and drive to different places. 

He will have various facial hair configurations. 

He will get a tattoo.

He will fall in love and out of love and back in love again. He will wonder what love is.

He will be made fun of by friends. It will take him longer than expected to reach his full potential.

He will do drugs and smoke cigarettes and enjoy them approximately 50 percent of the time. He will eat mostly what he wants. He will drink copious amounts of alcohol. He will keep mostly to himself. He will be unlucky. He will stop drinking alcohol entirely. 

He will apply for jobs that he thinks he wants. He will rarely be satisfied with his work. He will be self-conscious. He will go bald. He will make money and spend money. He will go broke and worry about money. He will not always do well.

He will have two dogs that will overlap slightly. He will be close to them both and it will be sad when they die.

Somebody will tell him that that’s just what happens when two living things form a relationship. One of them will die first and the other will die alone. Both of them die. That's just the way it goes. Everyone and everything that is living, that has lived, and that will live will. He will write this down.