It is a new year, so I will write a list in the future tense.

I will show up for work. I will show up and work.

I will concentrate.

I will drink coffee.

I will run in the morning.

I will floss my teeth at night.

I will be more patient.

I will check my work.

I will slow down when I need to slow down.

I will read. And will re-read.

I will write. And will re-write.

I will shave when I need to shave.

I will behave when I need to behave.

I will be nice to people.

I will be nice to myself.

I will be nice to animals.

I will ride my bike.

I will walk.

I will be responsible with my money.

I will get health insurance.

I will go to the movies.

I will see art.

I will call friends.

I will travel.

I will go to shows.

And that goes to show that you can write what you will. And, will yourself to write a will if that's what your want to write. Or just a list of things that you will do.