A while back my car battery died. I got a jump from a friend, but it wasn’t the battery. Some sort of alternator problem.

Then it was my (i)pod’s battery that died, and I let it be. I didn’t listen to it for like a week. I never plugged it in, just left it dead.

My cell phone's battery died. Well, I didn’t have time to recharge it. I had to go to work. You have to plug in phones. And wait for it.

Sometimes I think I have a battery inside me, I don’t always know what charges it. Sometimes it’s time. Sometimes it’s food. It could be caffeine. Sleep sometimes, I think, is what charges my battery. But sometimes I’m not always right.

I’ll often wake up with too little sleep. I’ll want to get up, have energy to burn. Battery power unspent. Other times I'll feel depleted.

I have to let battery die before recharge.