Don't read this if you don't want to

I'm serious.

You will read something here that you don't want to. At times it can get ugly. It's me, though, not always bright smiles.

Your take on my thoughts, no wait, your take of my thoughts about my actions/observations, keep 'em. I'm writing this for me. For you to read, sure. So enjoy. Or don't. Think about it. Or don't.

I know a few who read; that's all I need. I know what I'm writing. You can tell me what's wrong with my writing -- please do, somebody -- but don't write me about what's wrong with me. I know where I'm wrong, that's why I'm writing, to figure out what's wrong.

X out of this window like you're going to. Defenestrate yourself from my nation; it's up to you. Keep your comments to yourself, and so be it. Be a good fish. Vote and take your vitamins and such. Say a prayer.

If He doesn't answer, try again later.

Look at all the ways we communicate without actually saying something.

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