People in my life in order of importance.

Let's say you had a hierarchical chart for the people in your life and their position is according to their importance. Who would you put where? How would you make your list? Who do put on top?

If the contact list in your cell phone wasn't alphabetical, but was based on this importance list, who would you call first? What would you text?

Close your eyes and make your list. Scratch it down on a piece of paper. Make your line-up, and change it. Move someone up, someone down, someone off. Give yourself a limit. Make people more important than others, cause aren't they? Be an asshole, well, aren't you? Don't you have to be? Sometimes?

So it seems. And even if we don't want it to be true, for many us, far too often we place ourselves of utmost. Those we love, of course, come in a close second. Friends, other family follow. But fuck, doesn't that leave a majority of people that just aren't important to us? Don't they fall off the list, and in our minds off the face of the earth. Is it me or are caring less, and letting our growing populationsuffer.

Comment here and I'll gladly add you, based on importance, to my life's list, which still seem incomplete.

Like yours, my life's a joke; punch line's the same.

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