What does River City mean to you?

I wake up in the morning remembering that I don't have a ride to work. I scramble to make up time. Second-guessing how I will get to work. Do I bike or bite off another "happening" for showing up late as all hell? Fuck, my bed is so warm and my eyes are so heavy. How did this happen?


A friend fired.

It doesn't make sense to me. I only have half the story. Where's the other half? Missing. Miss-placed and unfound.

I curse as I step out of bed. There's some anxiety. My heart pumps my blood faster and I find the light switch. My eyes burn and I really want to hop back in with my mate. My single pillow. My queen (sized bed).

And my back-up ride. I have another friend, who's kind enough to pick me up in the morning. One not fired. One fine. One I think about: "Where do we stand?" She's off this morning. Regularly is on Thursdays. Will be tomorrow, too. Her vacation has started. And I knew this would happen. And I wonder, "How am I still standing?"

I move.

I make sure I have a job.

Money. I'm not going to lie, I'm doing this for the money. I want to eat. Am hungry. Will work for food. Is this how it's suppossed to be?

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