Claro que si

The blog knows no Borders. This blog goes across the nation. It's Carsonation. So, I'm writing all the way from New Mexico. For the first time? Yes, I think so. It's dry here. Warm and windy. Typical New Mexican weather. Not so hot as to go loco. But, windy enough to delay games of table tennis. Bright enough to close my eyse. Not so bright as to never open them again. Bright enough to block them with my not-so stylish aviator sunglasses. Where Portland is green, Albuquerque is brown. When I feel close and tight knit in Puddle Town, the Duke City is spread the fuck out. When PDX makes sense, ABQ is confused. When River City riffs, Burque skips. I find it hard to come back, but respect this as my home. The diversity here, the history, the culture is something you can't ignore. I don't hate it, don't always agree with it. In the Rose City I don't need a car and do just fine (thanks for the ride). In Nuevo Mexico, if I didn't have a coche here I'd be up the Rio Grande with a turd for a paddle. Pinche VW. I'm here for a short amount of time, so better make the most of it. Eat more green chile, consider more nicknames. In the 503, I the future to look forward to. In the 505, it's the past that's still here.

Adios, mi amigos.

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