The following haikus were written on a reporter's pad soon after Steve and I moved to Portland at the end of 2004. The pad was kept in the bathroom of our apartment. Steve's in bold. 

You showed me respect
for my mother and women, also work ethic
You would shake your head

Your wife needs some help 
I walked away from Grandma
Don't hate me for that 

I shall do my best 
Will it be enough for you 
if I stay true blue?

I want all the time 
to think about the one time 
that we connected.  

Twenty-five years old
psychotic relationship 
Who knocks this time?

Life that is ruined
forty-dollar desk trade back
 message: I love you. 

Who could it be?
Jerry and Rachel Nobel; 
they want to meet up.

Vacation from pride, 
gestation lasts for 3 months, 
elation, can't hide.

No need for comma, 
just let sentence go, flow. 
OK, how bout now,

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