Last year, after the summer games ended so did analog television. Coupons were advertised for converter boxes and if you wanted to watch free TV you needed to buy one. I bought a box around this time at Goodwill. It was a VCR. I'm not that out of date. I've had TV most of my life and cable on certain occasions. But for the most part I've gotten by on paying for electricity and positioning rabbit ears. I still do. For a reason I'm still not certain of, one channel still comes through the analog air waves and to my set. It is the CW. Five on the dial, though there is no dial on my TV. Yessir, Channel No. 5. Or as I'm referring to it, The Channel. Anything on The Channel? I ask. There always is. Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Life Unexpected, One Tree Hill. Seinfeld reruns. King of the Hill, all my shows on The Channel.

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