Oh no.
I noticed we’re using the same towel.
Both are blue and in the bathroom.

I washed my face and now I’m
looking at these two towels
in front of the shower.

Water drips from my face,
There’s soap even on my neck and
around my jaw.

I rinsed, so
It’s not like I’m blinded
Still, I don’t know which towel you’d
want me to use.

I took a shower early this morning and
used one of these terrycloth towels
that’s within arms reach.

It’s not as if they’re exactly the same,
but they are a similar faded sky

We’re a lot alike, you and me,
like these towels, I think, as I let my face to dry

We make a pair
like these towels.
Not a perfect match,
But one and one is two.

I’ve been blue,
and I know you have too.
Not like these towels.
Just sad sometimes, I mean.

Damp. We’ve both been that, too.
Just like these towels still seem to be.
Inseparable these towels seem .

Someone left these towels in my possession,
I think, as I my face becomes not that wet.
you don’t claim them to be yours at all,
then why are you using one then?

These towels are ours now.
That’s a funny thing to say.
We have things that belong to us.
Not mine, not yours,
They both belong to both of us.

So why do I stand here using neither of them?
Just thinking of these two blue towels
I’ve let me face become dry.

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