I is another name for self. When you say “I did something” you are speaking for self. Your self. We all have one. What are some other names we call self? Me. Myself. A lot of people say "I know myself." Why is that one word?

I like to think of it as self and me. There’s me and then there’s self. There are two. The two are different.

What is self?

Self is plastic. A faceless form. A being inside. Self is your friend. The quiet one. The unspoken for.

Your job is to know your self. You should like your self. You should know what the self likes.

You are the spokesperson for self. You execute for self. Speak for self. Act for self. Make decisions for your self. You are you. 

The self has feelings, self has likes and dislikes. Self has urges and addictions. You act them out. Or you don’t. You’re the enabler. Self presents the choices and you make the decisions.

When you think to your self you are trying to work out what the self is feeling. Self is your buddy. Take care of your self.

You shouldn’t be selfish. You must recognize that every one has a self. You might know the other you but not the other’s self.

For every two, there are another two.

Me + Self
You + Self

If we take a trip in a car, you and me will sit in front, our selves will ride in the back. As we go down the road we will do the talking. Our selves will remain quiet in the back, communicating in their own way. Nonverbal without words, maybe not even linear. Our selves need no contact nor interaction. It’s feelings based.