I overheard a girl at the coffee shop. She was convincing a musician to makeover his myspace page. Maybe it was her boyfriend. They discussed why they were good together, better than a couple-friends of theirs. And also this: she was acting like a life coach, an interior designer of sorts for his electronic world, creating his music image online. You should be more mod than goth, she said. Maybe that is what made them a good team: they work well together on their web images.

But then I got to thinking that maybe it would be a good idea for a girl like that to go into business. She could coach people into what's on their myspace, how what they write and the friends that are in their top five, how that makes them look. What movies they select, photos they display, skins they plaster on their background, she could do all that. And then when people look (for me, say) on myspace (well, not me I'm not there) then they'll want to be a friend. Request only the best.

Outside of myspace, there are more digital devices to give advice about. What your ringtone is says a lot about who you are. Together, you and this girl could select the one that would fit your new image. The right people will start to call you if the right ring rings when they do. Hey, that has a ring to it.

What she could for you, too, is pick what bands, what songs play in your ipod. Just in case you are ever asked what you are listening to (I never am), she could make sure that the right song projects how you should look. I'm convinced we all need someone who will make us over musically. Next, she could come into your car and select your presets.

While she's at it she should tell you what to read. Not because she's read it or knows it's good but because of what it'll look like on the bus or at the coffee shop when you have the newest hardcover or that well-worn classic. The author that's in will make you (I don't read) look smart but not too smart. You wouldn't want to appear to be able to read a book you know nothing about, or can't talk about, maybe like Kant.

In the meantime I'll just make up my own mind. I'll read all I can, listen to the music I have. I'll leave my phone on vibrate because I like it when people don't look at me or pay attention to who I'm not.