Tonight I write in silence

But that's False

There's the TV in the background keeping me company. The glow of the screen reflected in the window in front of me.
And, there's the wrap-a-tap-tap of the keys I depress, that makes sound (when I'm writing, not just thinking of what I wish I was writing).
My neck itches and I brush across it with my fingernails, that makes a sound.
Now, behind my ears and on my scalp I scratch just to hear the huh-shreeet, and to satisfy a feeling that will be back. If not there then under my sweatshit, across my ribs, an itch emerges.
I get up to get a drink of water. I'm thirsty and have forgotten to drink anything these last few hours. I think, to make up for it I'll suck back a mouthful fast. Water becomes absorbed even before I swallow.
Back in my seat I stare at the window reflecting the screen. I run my tongue across my teeth. There's plaque I find on one particular tooth. My tongue stays on it as I become obsessed.
Now it's my neck. It itches, the stubble that's grown for a few days feels funny when I flick up to my chin my fingers, making an obscene gesture to my computer.
Now my ears, wax or hair tingles and I stick my index inside, my pinky finger's nail's grown too long.
Now my nose, hair or dried snot feels wrong and I rub and tug but nothing wants to come out.
It's everything and nothing you notice when you are alone.
My scalp I scratch and cover with a hood. My lip I lick and I stick my tongue out. Hands dance across the keys. I stop and run my finger's tip over my eyebrow. With the grain, then against. Toes go cold and tonails are noticed to be too long too. I'm tired, can't clip em. Don't want to hear the sound of snip em. The feeling of parting with part of me.

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