don't (M)ention it

Update! Medically, I'm attractive (better looking). My back is getting stronger by the day. Must be these Flintstone Vitamins I've been chewing. Or, these Percocet (I've been biting in half) I've been popping(!). However, there's a (several, really) side effect. Hair keeps growing on Face (and down my neck(!)), and for some reason Hand won't pick up a razor, direct said razor up and down Face. (Really) for the historical book of social dissent in the City of Portland (Oregon), "The Portland Red Guide" (available from Ooligan Press--see link below) I helped publish I've attempted to grow a Karl Marx beard, though it's coming in more like a Che (Guevera) beard. See Joke.

Q: What's black and white and red (communist, get it?) all over?
A: Face.
(Now laugh.)

Joke's over. Now, I've got a heart-accelerating ("We've Only Just Begun") poem for those of you still willing to check in.

Thanks for leaving the door unlocked
Sorry that I'm came over so late
I rode my bike, though
the one point six miles (mapquest),
the that many blocks
It was late at night but I wanted to see you
Sleep next to you
Wake up next to you

You were: nice;
unlocked the door (mentioned);
opened the window (it's been warm);
So goddamned irresistable (I got help with those words);
and, gone when I got up

Soon I'll work, too (it's sad, I know)
Soon you'll go away to school (sadder)
Then what?
I won't be able to feel my earlobe trace your nose
When your face is sleeping under my
unshavened one


sgehrke said...

sort of stumbled upon this one. should have stopped reading this one. has carsonation gone pg-13? hmmm...well, i never lock the door.

Jedward the Longshanks said...

Sit-ups, vitamin c, and Charmin triple-ply are all you need in this world, son.

oh, i think you know said...

damn it carson