Adam's friends, the Bens and their girlfriends

Adam has a friend named Ben. Actually, Adam has two friends. Both named Ben. Adam has more friends (I think) but doesn’t have a girlfriend. The Bens live together. Each Ben has a girlfriend. Their names are not the same, nor are they Bens, therefore their names aren't important in the telling of this short tale. Both Bens like to smoke hookahs. The Bens have a hookah at their house. The Bens' girlfriends live together and smoke hookahs, too. The Bens' girlfriends have a hookah where they live. So, whether the Bens are at the Bens’ house or the Bens are at the Bens’ girlfriends’, there’s a hookah to be smoked. Sometimes, the Bens smoke the hookah at their house, and sometimes the girlfriends of the Bens smoke the hookah at their house (sometimes simultaneously). Sometimes all together they, the Bens and their girlfriends, smoke a hookah. Tonight (or maybe it was last night) Adam went to the girlfriends of the Bens and smoked a hookah with the Bens and their girlfriends.


sgehrke said...

The Adventures of Pete and Pete was a surreal comedy in which a peaceful suburban neighborhood (Wellsville, USA) was a strange and skewed world as seen through the eyes of the youthful duo.

Grateful Jed said...

Don't you mean the story of Pete and RePeat?