Birthday Boy Celebrates His 27

For those who have yet to wish the birthday boy a happy 27th, don't. It's too late. And he won't accept. He thinks you've forgotten him. He's unsure you care. He'll probably forget yours--if he hasn't already---when your day comes.

Birthday's are just days. Today's one. We're living it. It's somebody's birthday today, and we're not wishing them well. We have hundreds of people in our lives. And 365 days in a year. How can you stamp a date on someone? How can that image be burned in your head? To be remembered when the time comes is asking a lot.

For now we celebrate with the ones around us. We get called by the close, the family, those who have been with us for birthdays past. We take their calls early-they get it out of the way. We say they're sweet to call. Not for remembering, but for fitting us in. And we try to do during the day, what we enjoy doing on a normal day: eating breakfast, reading a book, going to the park with your dog, eating another meal, drinking beers with friends.

We regret to inform people that we want to hear from but don't that today is a special day, but only for the one who was born on this day, a few years back.

Before it's too late, Happy me


Bro said...

Happy effin' birthday. Your gift goes in the mail tomorrow, a bit late, I know. But I'm still waiting on that gift from you that never arrived way back in July.

sgehrke said...

Come on buddy, this one has been tackled in similar approach by every old man in the midwest. True, it is just another day, but they all are. Use it as a chance for reflection, but don't dwell on the past. And those early calls aren't to be taken as hinderances, but as the close hoping to remain so.

Oh, and check me out, the hiatus is off. Keep on keepin' on.