the year winter never came

There are droplets of water in the atmosphere. Families of them.

In this part of the atmosphere, where water droplets form, there was once one of the smallest bits water. And his name was Drip.

Drip’s dad, Drop, worked at a snowflake factory. Drop dried, however, before Drip got to meet him, but Drip heard about the snowflake factory and Drop and always wanted to work in the snowflake factory. Just like his dad.

Many of the droplets Drip went to school with didn’t want to work in the snowflake factory. They were happy falling from the sky. Fine with just being droplets. Drip was different. Drip wanted to be apart of something. Make something with his life.

So one day when he was a big enough droplet, Drip went to the snowflake factory to find out how he could make a snowflake. Everyone Drip asked said he needed to speak to Old Man Winter, the factory’s owner.

So Drip went to Old Man Winter’s office.

The first time Drip went to see Old Man Winter, Old Man Winter’s secretary said Old Man Winter was not available, and that Drip would have to make an appointment.

When Drip came back to Old Man Winter’s office in the snowflake factory, the secretary said Drip couldn’t see Old Man Winter. That the Old Man was unavailable, again.

“But I made an appointment,” Drip said. “I want a job. I want to make a snowflake.”

“I’m sorry,” the secretary said. “But Old Man Winter is out.”

So Drip left.

When Drip went to visit Old Man Winter the third time, and without an appointment, he was determined to get into the office and to see Old Man Winter. He wanted to work in the snowflake factory. Just like his dad.

So in walked Drip, and right past the secretary, and into Old Man Winter’s office.

“Old Man Winter, I’m Drip," Drip said, "and I’m going to work in the snowflake factory. And I’m going to make a snowflake." Drip explained that his dad was Drop, and that Drop worked for Old Man Winter, and "I’m going to work for you, too,” Drip said.

Old Man Winter was surprised. And Drip, in front of Old Man Winter, was surprised with himself, as well.

And for a full minute neither said word.

Finally, Old Man winter spoke. “I remember your dad. Drop made the best snowflake,” Old Man Winter said. “And I like you, Drip, but I’m sorry, son, there aren’t enough droplets in this atmosphere to make snowflakes.

"There won’t be snowflakes this season.” Old Man Winter said he was getting out of the snowflake business.

Drip remembered his droplet friends, the dropouts. How they didn’t want to work at the factory, how they just wanted to fall. Drip became sad.

"Without snowflakes there won't be snow," Drip said.

“I know, Drip,” Old Man Winter said. “And without snow, there isn’t winter.”

And that was the year winter never came.

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Jed said...

So sad. Reminds me of the story about permafrost, the polar bear, and Betty's new Prius. Though the hybrid cut greenhouse emissions, the bear couldn't breed and the permafrost couldn't freeze and now the habitat up here is one big swamp, thanks to commuters everywhere. I think we all can agree the moral of the story is: If you ride alone, you ride with bin Laden. And where is he, by the way. Will your blog post an investigative piece into that matter for us?