(more) Qs for yous

Got a message in my inbox, said you are not haikuing -- God bless you. Well, I'm showing you all I am, and I still can. Here's what I just jotted. Scribbled these bits while I was taking a shit, I jest. But could have in the same amount of time. Enjoy

They say there’s one more
Day that I have to work here
Closing the Borders

I’m sore and tired
It’s hard for me to get up
I’m just twenty-six

Done this for too long
Wake up, work, return, and drink
Over and over

So, for now I’ll stop
Clocking in and clocking out
Working for the Man

Direct Deposit
There’s money in my account
Swore I worked harder

I’ve made some friends here
Strong enough to keep? I think
Time will tell, I dwell

People come and go
In and out like the time card
Life really like this?

The structure falls down
No: mandatory hours
Schedule is broken

Cleaned out my locker
Today, gave away my things
Hope you enjoyed me

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