Twan's gone

Anthony left today. This morning at 11. He doesn't know if he'll be back. He says it depends. We're not counting on him coming back, which is sad. But we're not happy for him either, which is sad in a different way. We're having a hard time finding happiness these days. It doesn't come around as often.

Hey, Anthony, we said, can we have your bike?

Yeah, I'd like you to have my bike. It's a good bike, except for the seat. Watch out for the seat.

Well, Twan, we put a new seat on it.

Then it's perfect then. It's a perfect bike.

Anthony, when you're gone and not coming back, can we have your couch? The one you slept on for so long?

Twan, when you're gone never to return, can we have your half of the Co-op membership?

When Twan's gone, we get his TV. We get his antenna.

Twan can we have your comb?

Since you're not coming back, can we finish your drink, Anthony?

Can we have that book you finished?

We're talking about someone's things like their dead when they are in fact in front of us.

But not for long.

Anthony left this morning. Twan's gone. But we won't forget him.


sgehrke said...

The bike was a nice take...I was hoping to claim that lamp of his or, at the very least, a chunk of his glorious beard. It's unfortunate that we're claiming anthony's possessions and not...oh, let's Mattys. I power blogger.

Jed said...

Bike, car, dog. Folks around my parts want it all.
"Hey Jed, I heard you are leaving?"

Yeah, that's right, I tell them.

The next isn't, "Where are you off to?" or "We'll miss you," or "Best of luck to you,"

it's "What are you doing with your car? Can I have it?"

Oh I'll leave 'em with something. You can bet on that...