More of this in '06:

Looking back, 2005 was bad -- not my year. I wasn't happy all that much. One thing is true, however, 2006 is going to do some major mopping of what 2005 left behind. That's the thing about '06, it cleans up messes. It's postive. It's happy it's here. Wants to be here. And I'm happy it's 2006. I'm happy again. That said. Here are my resolutions.

More bounce, some falls, but quicker get-ups.
Less apologies, so sorries; less mistakes. Less forgiving in '06; more forgetting.
More bus/bike rides, streetcar sits, MAX movement.
Eating more, greens, browns, reds and yellows. Not picky about foodstuff.
More kind words, thoughts, sentences; letters home.
Less critical of customs, more creative time, and creating more time to create.
Deeper breaths, out-of breaths, and, being left breathless more.
More crafts, less collecting of things that hold no value.
Rake more leaves, but leave less rakes out to rust.
Less TV, more movies.
Meet more people with names that I don't already know people with those names.
More chit-chatter with those I already know.
Less fines, tickets, wrist slaps, late-fees, past-dues, residue, redos, redux,
More rendezvous, runnaways, risky rants.

That's all I've got for now. But I promise* you this: you are going to love '06.

*Less promising in '06, more making things come true.

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-t- said...

Hey Carson K! you're reading me and i've not been writing. you were my muse and i haven't been reading either. too much real life. gotta get back in the pages! hope to read AND write more soon. thanx for the comment! oh, and ralph is indeed sorry, he e-mailed so.